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Welcome to my tiny personal page!
She/Her | Trans MtF | ??? Old | Artist | Writer, Developer | Crypto User/Developer | Linux User | Brazil, Espírito Santo, Vitória
Birthday 03/16/1997

Yes, I am DIAGNOSED autistic. I have a psychologist or/and psychiatrist to help with treatment. (There is no cure) Don't try to compare me to the other "autistic" people on the internet who just say they're autistic.
I have Asperger's syndrome, and the most common effects are sensitivity to sound, I am usually quieter than normal, and I have more difficulty reading people's emotions due to my brain having an interpretation more dedicated to logic than emotion. (I will write/talk a lot more than usual) But I'm not a weird person, I know how to be friendly, the tip is simple: avoid debates about anything with me so you don't get affected by the stronger effects of my autism. As much as I'm aware of my personality, it doesn't mean I'll be able to control it completely. I can just try to make this personality of mine more friendly in the way possible for me.

Friend Request Rules
Only add me if you are sure I will accept you. I don't like accepting random friend invites. Understand that I want to keep on my friends list only people I want to keep contact.

Roleplay Rules
I only roleplay with people I know and enjoy conversation. I'm not in the habit of roleplaying 24/7, so understand when I try to shorten your random roleplays. Trying to add me just to roleplay won't be your best idea.

AI Rules
I don't mind you making AI content about my stuff as long as you let people know that the content has no connection to me and gives credits to my original content.
Message to all AI scammers: Don't waste your time making art commission scams in my DM. I know what you're trying to do.

Crypto Rules
Don't disturb me, sending random Airdrops and NFTs. I don't like it, and no one else will like it. My web3 wallet is grateful. Keep me completely away from memecoin alternatives. I only accept dogecoin. No, I won't try to trust your memecoin.
Message to all crypto scammers: I will report all your NFTs and Tokens you try to send to me. I have contact with anti crypto scammer communities.

Don't keep inviting me into your investments or I will block you. (It doesn't matter if it's true or a scammer) I know how to take care of myself in crypto.

Social Rules
Being anti-AI or anti-crypto won't interfere on our friendship at all, as long as you don't try to extreme it to the point where I feel threatened. You can talk to me normally without fear of me trying to do something to you.

Me being a silly one doesn't mean I don't know what you're trying to do. Social engineering, psychological manipulation, or anything like that is always being analyzed by me even though it doesn't seem like I am.

I respect your all artistic freedom, as long as you don't use it for bad stuff.

I was blocked by you. What do I do?
Create an account at Puddy Club and connect the integrations of your social medias. Send me an email to the address "tiny@puddy.club" with the title "BLOCK ISSUE: Sorry, I want to be unblocked". Enter what your blocked accounts are and justify the reason. It's important that you're using your same Google account email from Puddy Club account to make it easier for me to believe that you're not a fake account.

Please, if you realize that your attempts are not working and i'm asking you to stop, try again another better time. If you insist, I'll ban your Puddy Club account.

Payment methods I accept (This does not affect donations)
USD (Payooner)
Paypal (Crypto Only)
Stripe (Maybe...)
Patreon (Yay :3)
USDC (USD Stable Coin)
USDT (USD Stable Coin)
Native cryptocurrency from networks in the list below

Acceptable Blockchains (This does not affect donations)
Bitcoin Cash